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Kubota U30-6S

Kubota U30-6S

Mini Excavator For Rent Selangor
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Product Description

Ultra maneuverable, super efficient performance for wide range of job in close quarters. When you have to take on a tough job in a tight space, look no further than the versatile U15-3. This compact excavator delivers the power you need, the control you want, and the smooth performance you demand.
Kubota Specification
Model U30-6S
Bucket capacity(M3) 0.1
Std. bucket width: (with/without cutting blade)(MM) 570 / 520
Machine weight (rubber/steel crawler)(KG) 3030 / 3120
Operating weight (Including operator weight: 75kg) (rubber/steel crawler)(KG) 3105 / 3195
Dimensions (In transport condition)
Overall length(mm) 4,530
Overall height(mm) 2,455
Overall width(mm) 1550
Min. ground clearance(mm) 290
Model Kubota D1703-M-E3-BH-11
Total displacement(cc) 1647
Rated output(kW (HP) / rpm) 20.5 (27.5) / 2200
Working Range
Max. digging height(mm) 4,250
Max. dumping height(mm) 2,865
Max. digging depth(mm) 2,820
Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm) 2,290
Max. digging radius(mm) 4,905
Boom swing (left/right)(deg) 70 / 48
Min. turning radius (with swing)(mm) 2,290 (1,845)
Min. tail turning radius(mm) 790
Max. breakout force (bucket)(kN (kgf)) 30.0 (3,059)
Track type Rubber / Steel
Track width (mm) 300
Travel Section
Crawler length(mm) 2,100
Tumbler distance(mm) 1,665
Travel speed (1st/2nd gear)(km / h) 3.1 / 4.6
Max. climbing angle(deg) 30
Swing speed (RPM) 8.8
Width(mm) 1,550
Height(mm) 343
Max. lift above ground/drop below ground(mm) 365 / 375
Hydraulic pump type Variable pump x 2
+ gear pump x 1
Swing motor type Hydraulic piston motor
Travel motor type Hydraulic piston motor: 2F
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 46
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